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Hope Survives in the Hearts of those that Believe

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The Dark Knight [18 Jul 2008|03:32am]
WAS AMAZING! I honestly can't comprehend how amazing that movie was. If you haven't seen it, GO! I can't believe how much villainry was in that movie and how I didn't get bored. UGH!!!

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Happy Birthday to Me [28 Jun 2008|10:07am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I have decided to keep this journal as a place to keep my personal information and blog.woospringbreak.com will be more of a professional place.

SO with that, I am celebrating my 23rd birthday today. As a child growing up my favorite number was 3 and 23 (the 23 was all about Michael Jordan) and it feels pretty cool to be where I am. 22 was a very depressing age. I was reminded again that I wasn't a teenager and that was somewhat disappointing. Now I am ready to move on.

One year ago today I was located in Tempe Arizona working in the packaging department of one of my favorite toy companies. I was living my dream with one of the nicest families I have ever met, and lucky for me I have not lost my momentum since graduating school. It is weird. For the last two years I have felt like I wasn't truly living and now I feel more alive than I have ever felt. The path I am on now is the one I create. We as society created elementary schools, middle and high schools to keep kids out of the work force so they would not compete with the adults for money. We created colleges and most parents push their kids to go on that path. Every step I make from here on out is my step to make and it is a pretty scary thought. Now I'm in my soon to be empty apartment in Thunderbolt GA as I prepare to move to downtown Savannah.

Enough with the heavy emotions. Today is going to be awesome. A number of friends are going to be joining me to go see Wall-E and head over to the Westin across the river for drinks. I am way excited about today. It shall be a celebration :)

Once I knew someone who hated birthdays and I don't know how that is possible. This is the day to spend with those you care about, and those that are glad you were born! I am thankful that I have made it this far and I can't wait to see what is next.
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Esme / Bring me the Horizon [22 May 2008|12:32am]

for full posts please check out my full blog at woospringbreak.com

Sean, Jesse and I just finished the Esme album art and posted a bit about the last shoot I did for Bring Me the Horizon!

Woo for school being done in 2 weeks. It will be nice to have a degree.


Weddings and Love [18 May 2008|12:43pm]

This weekend has been insane. For a quick note I am wrapping up Esme's art for their upcoming EP, flew to New Jersey to celebrate Portland's wedding with Aaron, and flew back home to participate in a battle of the bands with Dusty and the rest of the guys! (Which we totally won)

I'm so stoked on life. I really think I am moving in the path I was meant to be in. One might say I am in the Nexus of the Multiverse...

Their wedding was meant to be outside in this beautiful park, but God had other plans since it rained all day. However, it turned out being the most intimate wedding I have ever been too. It really felt like a basement or house show with your good friends celebrating their lives together while the Album Leaf played in the background.

There was a time when I really thought I was meant to spend the rest of my life only pursuing friendships, but perhaps there may be hope for me yet. It's funny how in two weeks my entire perceptions of marriage can be changed.

The best part of all of this? Meeting Carl's wife (Carl runs Ferret Records) and her saying, "Oh yeah I remember you, you're Jon, the happiest guy on the planet!" That alone has brought new meaning to my entire year. The back story is that I met his wife at the wedding, and I met Carl a year ago at Bamboozle. For some reason, she remembered hearing about me after a year and only knew a story involving crowd surfing and Linkin Park...woo

Speechless [09 May 2008|09:37am]
Sometimes events take place that just make you freeze in your tracks and look at how incredible those moments are. I find myself doing that at every turn. I'm hoping I get to catch my breath.

I'm performing my first set tonight in Augusta GA for the first time in more than a year. This will prove ti be quite interesting.

God, thank you for all the blessings I never deserved.

NEW BLOG [29 Apr 2008|07:20pm]
I will most likely be updating this NEW BLOG since I did buy


I am working to figure out how all to customize this blog. Right now the site up is just a placeholder, and I will be putting up the final design in a few months (I'm talking about woospringbreak.com).

But I did just buy a sigg water bottle WOO
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Celebration with Pain [22 Apr 2008|10:29pm]
Anger is a hell of an emotion. Sometimes there are moments where it just demands change.

However, I am excited to see how big my beard can get over the next year or so. It's time to see what this thing can do. If you have any tips for epic growth keep me posted. I think if I shave my head, it'll grow faster.

Woops, I forgot photos from a long while ago:

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GET ON OOVOO [17 Apr 2008|06:30pm]

Chip Kidd speaks at SCAD 2008 [17 Apr 2008|12:14am]
Chip Kidd came to speak at SCAD tonight (Just google him if you don't know who he is, but to be short he is a famous book cover designer). It was truly entertaining. He really seems like me in 20 years. Or at least that is what everyone around me kept saying! Here is a message for the students:

Afterwards he had a book signing and I carried my sketchbook through the line and asked him to draw whatever came to mind. The following took place. Check after the bump to see the final scan...


He calls this a self portrait.

Probably not work safe...Collapse )

Wow...I am truly stunned
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Angel's BBQ [11 Apr 2008|02:25pm]
One of the best restaurants in Savannah is Angel's. They have wacky hours, but it is worth it's weight in gold. I personally recommend the chicken bbq plate. Here are some photos from my last adventure to angel's with my new lens.

Click for moreCollapse )

I think this is a pretty good shot of Timothy Jackson, professor of Survey of New Media. If you know him, you know why this fits.

Also, I have been watching classic Miami Vice on Hulu and this particular episode features Bruce Willis! Check it OUT (the show really is dad gum awesome)


Update [05 Apr 2008|08:08pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Lots of updates. The SCAD career fair was Friday, and that was a lot of fun. It was great to see how various companies were interested in my work. I will be posting my final portfolio in the next 10 weeks for all to see. I am currently working on that. Last night Aaron and I picked up a new lens for my camera which we used to shoot photos for the upcoming Misery Signals layout. I also just wrapped up what should be one of the final shoots for Broadcast the Nightmare unfortunately their label doesn't want me to post the images yet...

Here are some of the photos with my new lens:

Friday night I also held my first BRAWL NIGHT which was a wild success! I plan on doing this every week!

More BRAWL photosCollapse )

That's all for now but there will be lots more images and design work being posted which is quite different from all my photo posts...

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Shadow loves the arm of my couch! [14 Jan 2008|02:45pm]

Here's a photo of shadow enjoying his favorite spot in my apartment.
School has started. Second week In and this quarter feels like it is
going to be quite enjoyable (compared to the past...I guess four?).

Life is good!


P.S. I really like Guitar Hero...

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Happy New Year [01 Jan 2008|01:35am]
This has been a wild time. I am nearing the end of my journey in Savannah before I start school again.

There are many wild and amazing things just past the horizon. I know I can't wait to see everything that is to come.

Happy New Year to all of you, and special wishes to someone special ;)


Recording Update [19 Dec 2007|06:57pm]

Recording Update, originally uploaded by jon_meadowbrook.

Today marks my last day celebrating, jamming, and recording with some
of the best guys I know. In the front of the image is my good friend
and overall best drummer I know, Dusty, and my close friend who rocks
the fiddle harder than anyone I have ever met, Josh.

Josh flew into Savannah airport Sunday night and we drove to
Statesboro GA. Tomorrow Josh heads back up to Indianapolis, but these
last days have been truly amazing.

Notes: Ruby Tuesdays has amazing blackberry lemonade and steaks, and
thanking God for "the bro-down" is ok.

I truly thought I was done with music, but I believe in this project
with such a passion that I can't express it with words. The
celebration is coming.


P.S. I can't wait to play the new NiGHTS game...


Introducing Shadow Meadowbrook [12 Dec 2007|02:31pm]
I'm proud to introduce my new best friend, Shadow Odin Meadowbrook! He is a proud new member of the family! There will most definitely be more photos to come.

Happy Holidays!

Two More Santa PhotosCollapse )

p.s. it feels so good to finally understand everything that has happened in Lost Season 3...

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Broadcast the Nightmare Photos [28 Nov 2007|07:14pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

After finals I headed to Atlanta, and the following are just half of the photos I shot. These are the live ones of Broadcast playing BBQ Fest.

Broadcast the NightmareCollapse )

Thanks for looking :)


Back in Atlanta [16 Nov 2007|12:50pm]

Back in Atlanta, originally uploaded by jon_meadowbrook.

Today marks the first day of winter break and I am back in Atlanta for
a photo shoot. I'm loving the cool air and hating the dad gum traffic.
The stop and go nonsense does allow me to post this right from my
phone, which is the only good part!

I kinda miss the big city life. Break should be nice, a new friend,
toys, and family...IM STOKED!

Sent from my iPhone

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Farewell Wicket [04 Nov 2007|02:48pm]
My dearest friend, you were loved well. I am so broken to have you leave, but I believe you are in a happier place. Thank you for the memories, I'll always remember you.


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Happy Halloween! [31 Oct 2007|08:47pm]
Lots of things to update here. I am making my first post from Leopard. I am proud to say I actually bought it. Celebration!

Here are pictures of how spaces work. Note I am video conferencing with an apple ad, watching a movie inside itunes, chatting, and checking email all within different "spaces'. Ultimately different screens that you can skip around to on the fly. It sure is convenient when one is multi-tasking like there is no tomorrow. So far I love it! Right now Time Machine is working on backing up my computer.

Above is the view when you look at the spaces all at once, you can customize this with more columns or more rows. I want to see how many it will allow.

Here is the view of each of my "Spaces"


here are photos of my package design that you can find in stores across America. It is for the Lard Lad toy from McFarlane Toys! WOO

Well that is all for now. Good night world. I wish my costume could have been done :(
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Memories [18 Oct 2007|12:58pm]

Memories, originally uploaded by jon_meadowbrook.

This will always remind me of good times and one amazing night.

School is ridiculously difficult and life isn't proving to be any
comfort. Celebration. Luckily one of my dreams is definitely forming
into a reality!


Sent from my iPhone (Woo for the first lj post from my iPhone!)

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